Dear Urology Residents,


Hope everyone is safe and strong during this difficult period.

In the past several months, the COVID-19 crisis has jeopardized our work and lives in many ways. Many of us were assigned to work in fields outside our specialty of Urology, treating COVID-19 related conditions for which we have never received any formal trainings. Our work efficiency was compromised by the limitation of supplies and resources. Our family time was taken away from us because we worked longer shifts interspersed with self-isolations. Our personal safety was at risk due to the necessary close contact with patients during clinical work. Yet we pressed on and went forward to the frontline to serve, and many of us volunteered to do so. I would like to salute every frontline healthcare professionals out there, many of whom are our very own Urology Residents.

Residents’ training must continue regardless of how appalling the situation may be, so that knowledge and skills can pass on to our next generation of Urologists. Changes and adaptations are necessary for every Resident to learn safely and efficiently during this period, when training hours are constantly subjected to changes and mandatory social distancing precluded traditional group teachings. The Urology Residents’ Course Singapore 2020 (URCS 2020) will continue to run, albeit significant changes to the course framework.

For more efficient utilization of resources, URCS 2020 will no longer be a stand-alone event but forms a significant component of UroFair2020 Virtual. URCS 2020 participants can access all the high quality and mind stimulating online lectures and workshops that UroFair2020 Virtual has to offer. The highlight of URCS 2020 will be online mock viva voce, which tests your knowledge and allows you to practise your presentation skills in a simulated examination setting. I have recruited a group of Urologists who share the same passion of sustaining high-quality trainings for Residents, and they are eager to contribute lots of their time to serve as your examiners. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to each one of them in this regard.

I understand that your working hours may have been adjusted during this COVID-19 period and may be unpredictable due to the fluidity of manpower needs as the pandemic evolves. As such, it will be difficult for you to do the online mock viva voce at fixed dates and times. We are going to run these mock viva voce sessions over the entire month of August 2020. We have ensured a very high level of flexibility in the scheduling of these viva voce sessions for each Urology Resident. I hope that such an arrangement will cause as little disruption to your work as possible, while maintaining a high standard of assessment that is crucial to your training.

I look forward to your participation in URCS 2020.

Dr Shum Cheuk Fan

Organising Chair

Urology Residents' Course Singapore 2020

Managed by Globewerks International for the Singapore Urological Association (SUA) | Email: info@sua-urc.com

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